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How can the public help prevent the spread of Asian carp?

Public involvement is essential to preventing the spread of Asian carp to the Great Lakes. Here are some ways you can help:

Can I eat Asian carp?
Yes. Asian carp of all types have white, firm, mild, flesh, which make for excellent table fare. They do have intramuscular bones in the filets, which some dislike. Asian carp are low on the food chain, fast growing, low in fat, and they are not usually bottom feeders, all properties of fishes that are lower in contaminants. USGS and the Missouri Department of Conservation have jointly produced data on Missouri River fishes that have shown bigheaded carp to be generally low in contaminants (lower in contaminants than flathead catfish and common carp from the same water). Nevertheless, one should remain aware of advisories on particular waters. These advisories are available through state environmental agencies.