Asian Carp Sampling Summary - Week of October 18, 2010

Fixed Site Sampling Upstream of the Dispersal Barrier
Site 1: Lake Calumet
Site 2: Little Calumet River
Site 3: Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal (CSSC), South Branch Chicago River
Site 4: North Branch Chicago River, North Shore Channel
Site 5: North Shore Channel

Two IDNR electrofishing boats and crews sampled the five fixed sites above the barrier from Tuesday, October 19 through Wednesday, October 20.  Sample effort included a total of 41 electrofishing runs (15 minutes each; 10.25 hours total).  A total of 3,213 fish from 38 species and 1 hybrid group were sampled during the effort.  No Asian carp were captured or seen.

Catch summaries are listed below.

Lockport Pool Fish Sampling
Three IDNR boats and crews, two USFWS boats and crews, two USACE boats and crews, and one INHS boat and crew sampled with conventional gears in the Lockport Pool of the CSSC between the Electric Barrier near Romeoville and the Lockport Lock and Power Station from Tuesday-Thursday, October 19-21.  Results will inform the level of fish suppression necessary during upcoming planned maintenance of Electric Barrier IIA.  Sample gear and effort included 12 DC electrofishing runs (30 minutes each; 6.0 hours total), 9 experimental gill nets (2,250 feet x 2 nights = 4,500 feet total), 10 trammel nets (2,700 feet x 2 nights = 5,400 feet total), 10 minnow fyke nets (10 nets set for 2 nights; 20 net-nights total, 10 purse seine hauls (seine dimensions = 100 feet long x 15 feet deep), 9 midwater trawl tows (5 minutes each tow; 45 minutes total), and three hydroacoustic sonar runs (30 minutes each; 90 minutes total).  A total of 4,019 fish from 27 species and 3 hybrid groups were sampled during the effort.  Hydroacoustic data is still being analyzed.  No Asian carp were captured or seen.

Catch summaries are listed below.

Telemetry Project
USACE successfully located 5 of 6 previously tagged surrogate species (i.e., common carp) in the Lockport Pool downstream of the Electric Barrier.  The one fish that was not located may have been residing in an area not surveyed with the mobile tracking receiver.  Stationary receivers indicate that this fish has not moved upstream of the Electric Barrier.  An additional 23 common carp were tagged with ultrasonic transmitters and released in Lockport pool below the Barrier.  This brings the total of tagged fish in this area to 29 fish (all common carp).  Stationary and mobile tracking will monitor the movement of these fish to determine if they are able to challenge or penetrate the Barrier.