Asian Carp Sampling Summary - Week of April 11, 2011

Barrier Defense Asian Carp Removal Project

Five commercial fishing boats and crews and five IDNR observers completed 61 trammel/gill net sets (29,900 yards of net total) from Tuesday-Friday, April 12-15.  Netting effort focused on backwater areas of Marseilles Pool near Morris (23,100 yards of net), but also took place in lower Dresden Island Pool (3,200 yards of net) and Starved Rock Pool (3,600 yards of net).  A total of 2,933 bighead carp and 852 silver carp were removed during the effort.  The combined harvest for both species was 85,481 pounds and 95% of this total was taken from the Marseilles Pool.  Although this was the first week of sampling for 2011, a cumulative removal summary is included below.

Number of Days Fished 4 days
Number of Net Crews 20 crew-days
Miles of Nets Fished 17.0 miles
Number of Bighead Carp 2,933 fish
Number of Silver Carp 852 fish
Number of Grass Carp 5 fish
Number of Asian Carp (AC) 3,785 fish
Tons of AC Harvested 42.7 tons
Average number AC per 1,000 yards net 126.8 fish

Telemetry Project

One USACE boat and crew from the Rock Island and Chicago districts completed telemetry work in the CAWS, lower Des Plaines River, and upper Illinois River on Tuesday through Thursday, April 12-14.  Initial field observations suggest no inter-pool movement of tagged fish or movement of fish across the Dispersal Barrier in either direction.  A more thorough evaluation of downloaded data from receivers and mobile tracking is currently underway and will be summarized in future reports.  Specific work completed over the week is included below.

- Stationary receivers were deployed in both the CSSC and Calumet-Sag Channel approximately one mile upstream of their confluence and another receiver was deployed in the Lockport Pool downstream of the Dispersal Barrier.

- Data was downloaded from receivers located in the Lockport Pool.

- Mobile tracking took place in the Little Calumet River and Calumet-Sag Channel from just upstream of Acme Bend downstream to the CSSC, the CSSC from the I-55 bridge downstream to the Lockport Lock, the entire Brandon Road Pool; and the Dresden Island Pool from the Brandon Road Lock and Dam to a point 1 mile south of Moose Island.